1. Search your annotations on hypothes.is from the browser search bar itself.

    I'll describe the steps to do this on Chrome; it should be similar in any other desktop web browser :

    1. Add a new search engine to chrome - go to chrome://settings/searchEngines and click Add.
    2. The url to add is https://hypothes.is/users/YOUR_USERNAME?q=%s
    3. Also, set the keyword as something you can type easily - I just use the letter h.
    4. Now to search your annotations all you need to do is type the keyword that you set in the search bar on chrome, then you'll see a prompt on the search bar to press tab to search hypothes.is, press tab, then type whatever you want to search among your annotations. Viola!
  2. Use the hypothes.is browser extension - no brainer, i know. Use a hotkey for activating the extension easily.

  3. Set via.hypothes.is/google.com as the homepage in your mobile browser. Now, hypothesis will be activated on the google search homepage, on the page that loads your search results after you search for something using the search bar on the homepage, and every subsequent webpage you visit after clicking links from these pages. Yey!

  4. The hypothesis search bar only searches the text in the annotation and the text in the url not the title. But you often remember a webpage by its title and sometimes the url does not contain the title text. So, it is good practice in my opinion to highlight the title of a webpage, so that it shows up in the search results.

  5. Actually, using the hypothesis BOOKMARKLET is much more convinient than 'paste a link' or typing "via.hypothes.is/" in front of every link you want to annotate. With the bookmarklet all you need to do is, when you find a page that you want to bookmark, in the search bar of the mobile browser search for the name you saved the bookmarklet as and click it. It will immediately load hypothesis on the page just like clicking the hypothesis extention would do in pc. To bookmark the bookmarklet link (which can be found in https://web.hypothes.is/start) in the mobile browser, copy the link address of the bookmarklet link (which is a javascript code) and just edit an existing (useless) bookmark already there in the mobile browser replace the url with the bookmarklet link. Also give it a title (like "bookmarklet hypothesis") which you would type in the address bar of the mobile browser to find the bookmarklet bookmark.

  6. If hypothesis keeps logging you out of your account it is probably because third party cookies are disabled in your web browser.