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We're happy to see that you want to know us better before applying to one of our traineeships.

By reading through this page, you will get a sneak peek of our culture and what it means to be part of this traineeship program. You will get the opportunity to connect with our team and learn more about our studio & ventures. Enjoy and don't forget to apply (you might be our next trainee, how cool is that?)! 👇

About our traineeship program

Traineeships at Builders are pre-launching roles at one of our ventures. The difference between a traineeship and a starting position is that you receive more support during a traineeship. You get a personal mentor who helps you explore how you will best fit within our universe of startup companies. This process will be accelerated by weekly update meetings with your mentor. During your traineeship, you will collaborate with the different experts in our studio team. This way, you will better understand our organisation and find out which type of role suits you best.

Our traineeships last six months and consist of a four-day workweek. The program offers plenty of room to explore and grow by working on a personal development plan which we co-create within your first month. For the most part, traineeship roles concern an independent way-of-work with support wherever necessary. This way, you can find out more about yourself and your style of working. During the program, your personal development and growth are our priority to explore and shape the best fitting full-time position within our universe, moving forward.

The structure of your personal development plan depends on what you want to achieve during your traineeship. Inside each traineeship, we offer different tracks. Our Explorer Track is aimed at people who still don't really know where they want to focus on and touch upon many different areas. The Builder Track is aimed at people who already know which area they like to focus on and includes more extensive projects. For example, if you are someone who likes to take ownership and be in charge of their own projects, the Builder Track might be the right track for you.

When you join us, one of your tasks for the first week will be to schedule coffee calls with your new co-workers and hear more about their work and journey with us. You are also advised to look for a buddy - an existing team member who can integrate you into the company culture, help you explore your interests, and always be there for you. By being part of the Launchpad, you will also get the amazing opportunity to connect and learn from our previous trainees, and get inspired by their own projects and learnings.

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