Introducing Fanddle to all K-Wave fans!

We are global e-commerce platform connecting fans and celebrities.

Introducing our company.

Introducing our app 'Fanddle'.

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"We innovate the global fandom industry with our own technology and contents."

With a mission to "connect hearts without borders," we provide new fandom experiences for global fans in various ways, especially in the Korean Wave and Korean culture-related industries.

Through the Fanddle app, not only can fans send gifts with 1:1 messages to their favorite celebs and friends, but they can also participate in or request various support activities for their favorite celeb, such as crowdfunding for donations, sending a coffee and snack truck to the filming sites, and even outdoor advertisements.

As a service that connects global fandom and celebrities with technology, we are driving market change as a "super fandom app" that global fans can agree with.

Based on our imagination, we have a clear picture of how the global fandom system will change, and we are looking forward to and enjoying the moment when it is realized. We are moving forward step by step without giving up on our endless dreams.

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