Structure of DAO Processes will consist of a set of algorithmic functions that will allow its participants to cooperate and engage in the funding and financial processes of the system. The following steps will be implemented to ensure the successful operation of the DAO and its functions:

The Selection Process

The selection process will entail a set of steps that will allow DAO participants to receive reliable information and evaluation criteria on the projects selected.

Lists – Lists  of projects will be provided on the basis of analysis of numerous data streams to identify potential opportunities for successful investments by the pool.

Proposals – The proposals will be submitted by the community and considered through open screening and discussions.

Approvals – The approval procedure will be determined by community voting on the basis of governance tokens of the platform.

Acceptances – Acceptances will entail the inclusion of approved projects into the list of considered and whitelisted contenders for investment.

Blocking – Blocking will be granted as a right for participants willing to block a proposal from being passed or considered.

Voting – The voting process will be based on the use of internal governance tokens and will allow users to act as voters in favor or against a proposal.

Distribution of Revenues

The distribution of revenues on the platform will be based on an approach that fosters both community involvement and project development.

Among Contributors – The contributors to the pool will be receiving income in proportion to their stakes.

Service Fees – Some services will have to be attracted to provide quality analytics and gateways for the platform, thus entailing some fees.

Stabilization Fund – The Stabilization or Development Fund will be receiving a part of the revenues to ensure the stable price of the internal currency.