Our FINAL WINNER of JunctionX Seoul 2021 is [Dino] - Running Mate, Zombie, CONGRATULATIONS!

You can check their awesome project work at HERE!!!

<aside> 💡 The final Winner team will be awarded 3,000,000 KRW (2,660 USD). The final Winner team will be evaluated by the peer participants of JunctionX Seoul 2021.



<aside> 💡 Each Track Winner team will be evaluated by the track partners. For each Track Winner team, they will be awarded more than just prize money! TIP If you choose a track that has chosen fewer participants, it would be more possible to win the hackathon!


Track Winners & Prizes

<aside> 💡 Track Winner Certificates are provided to all track winners. Certification of appreciation is provided to all participants.


👇👇👇 You can check all 12 finalists' projects on the page below!

JunctionX Seoul 2021 Peer Review Showcase


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What is Junction?

Junction, Europe's largest hackathon, is a non-profit event and lively technology community that

over 1,500 developers, designers, and entrepreneurs gather each year to complete new technology projects within 48 hours.

Following the spirit of Junction, JunctionX license is currently being carried out in 14 countries around the world blending on each country's culture.