This is a Notion template for mOS - the operating system that drives work, evolution and success at marketgoo. Over the past few years, many people have asked us for some guidance on how we adapted EOS to our own company, so we decided to make our system public.

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This documentation aims to be a detailed guide for how we do things and was born out of need for a defined operating system. As we grew in business, team members, projects and challenges, we felt that we needed to have a grip on our project and were inspired by external models like EOS, Basecamp, Scrum, etc.

We created the mOS to use the tools that serve us, have adapted some of them and we have also included some of our own. marketgoo is not a standard project so it's not easy to just implement a methodology like the EOS model or any of those and expect perfect alignment.

We are an 100% remote team, relatively small, with core collaborators, hundreds of thousands of users, bootstrap, profit sharing and might some day build up new ventures. Our operating system reflects all of our characteristics and is the result of many years working together.

Last but not least, mOS is alive. Nothing is written in stone. We seek wisdom growth individually and as a team so the methodology evolves with us, getting stronger.


This documentation is intended to be used as a way to share how we work together at marketgoo to build successful businesses.

It has been created with the following users in mind:

About marketgoo

Our Why is to build a company with a unique Culture, that creates impactful digital products. Our What is providing Hosting providers with SEO solutions that they resell.

More at https://www.marketgoo.com/about-us/ and https://www.marketgoo.com/culture/.