<aside> 👇 In this guide, you’ll find all the resources you need to get started with Kona.

  1. What is Kona?
  2. How do I get my team set up on Kona?
  3. Best Practices & Tips
  4. Adjusting Settings
  5. Meet Our Team


1. What is Kona?

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You’re ready to start if…

*Got a larger team? No worries! Read our “Larger Team” section below.

<aside> 🐶 Kona is perfect for:

****- Any department (from Engineering to People Ops to Sales to Product!)

- Async-friendly work!


2. How do I get my team set up on Kona?

<aside> ☎️ Feeling stuck? Schedule time with our team to get a live walkthrough.



Not a fan of videos? No problem. Follow these written steps 👇

  1. Identify or create your team channel. Do you have an existing, private channel in Slack where you and your direct reports can chat?
    1. If not, create this channel and invite your teammates to it!
  2. Find the Kona app and click “Get Started” or “New Team.”
  3. Click “Set Up My Team.”
  4. Choose your team channel and invite Kona to the channel. Copy /invite @Kona and paste it into the team channel.
  5. Click “Create Team.”
    1. Name your team. This name will be visible by company admins and in settings. Then add your direct reports. This can be changed later!
    2. If you have a co-manager, place their name in the secondary manager section.
    3. Optional: Select your manager. They will get briefs on your team’s overall mood graph and your check-ins before your weekly 1:1.