I. Introduction

In our class, we received numerous objects from Koninklijk Zeeuws Genootschap der Wetenschappen (Royal Scientific Society of Sciences). I have chosen the following object: a peculiar Lion Knife Handle from the 16th century. There was something fascinating about this object. I had a striking idea of how to incorporate this object in a movie and I thought of music.

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Lion Knife Process: Events, Music, Philosophy, Tasks


                        **Possibility of a Collection and Lion Knifes in The Netherlands**

As suggested by Aagje Feldbrugge, dedicated researcher of the objects we are examining, and archeologist/curator at Erfgoed Zeeland, perhaps the object is part of a collection. The various related knifes come from various parts of the Netherlands.


Caption 1: Lion Knife from Vlissingen (top)


Caption 2: Lion Knife Handle from Grootebroek (top)


Caption 4: Lion Knife Handle from Amsterdam (top)


Caption 3: Lion Knife Handle from archaeological centre in Amersfoort (top)


   Lion knife handle from Enkhuisen (top)


                                                                Full knife from Amsterdam (top)

Source: Boer J.C. de, 2010. Het leeuwenheft als boegbeeld voor de republiek - in Zevenhonderd jaar wonen, werken en begraven langs de Achterhaven.

II. Mapping

In week 2 everyone gathered information on all of the objects and as a class we classified our contributions towards the objects in terms of 'rarity', 'symbolism', 'historical influence', 'origin'... in reference to our personal interests. This intended us to engage in further research and embrace creative stimuli.


Mapping Picture 1 : Visual dimension