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Gachon IME 12267-001

Instructor: 최성철 교수

Office: 공과대학2 #518

Office hours: 화 13:00-15:00

Email: sc82.choi@gachon.ac.kr

Lecture: 11:00-13:00, Tu/Th

ZOOM: https://zoom.us/j/2333063849



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Quick Announcements

📜 Course Description

Database systems are used as the most basic data repository for almost all information systems we use today. Understanding the database system is fundamental to the understanding of information systems and is essential for understanding big data, machine learning, and data science that are changing society in recent years. In this subject, we will learn the basic DB concept, SQL for DBMS, ORM for DB programming, and messenger-based chatbot program development.

🗝 Enrollment

Prerequisite(s): Python Recommended Concurrent Enrollment: System Analysis and Design Recommended

📚 Readings

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