A Synthesis of Governance Frameworks for Crypto Sapiens

Created: 6/28/22 by Flowscience

Last edited: 7/14/22

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What is the purpose of our community?

  1. Our Mission and Values
  2. To highlight the stories of builders and changemakers in web3. We do this by featuring guests and the projects they have contributed to on our podcasts and even invite community members to take lead in organizing these discussions. This requires a steady flow of capital to support the production of these shows and the governance of the community at large. Our community must therefore be self-sustaining in the ability to generate income and distribute funding to community initiatives.

How Crypto Sapiens Can Generate Income

  1. Organizational Structure [DRAFT]
  2. Donations and grants
    1. Bankless DAO, Gitcoin, Giveth, Panvala, and numerous project ecosystems
  3. Revenue through creating value for others
    1. Content Sponsorships (e.g. podcasts, newsletter, etc.) and Collaborations
    2. Products (e.g. merch, art, etc.)
  4. Services (e.g. event production either virtual or IRL, workgroup consulting to outside groups by marketing, design, AV, research, etc.)

Membership: Who Are Crypto Sapiens?

A) Standard Requirements: NFT holders, other requirements?

B) How To Become A Member

  1. Genesis NFT mint