<aside> 👋 This document outlines Protein Community's plans for Season 1


Our mission

We are on a mission to reimagine the traditional models of growth in order to reclaim power, redistribute influence and redefine our relationships with each other. There is a clear need to subvert the system and enable a community-led rather than corporation-led world. We believe Web3 technologies have opened the doors to a more collaborative, decentralised, and equitable future and every community should allow you to own the decisions, actions, and value you create within it.

👋 Our members

PRTN is a global community of creatives and cultural collaborators that envision a better way to help each other grow. Our members include developers, artists, musicians, film directors, strategists, cultural programmers, and so much more. We’re committed to ensuring we create and maintain an intersectional space, where every culture, perspective and mindset is welcomed and nurtured.

🌈 Our token

$PRTN is a social utility token used for governance and collaboration within the Protein Community, in short, $PRTN is a way to facilitate social value exchange with its full utility still to be unlocked. It currently cannot be traded, and is only given to members for entry into the Protein Community.

🌎 Our ecosystem

The Protein Community is a core part of the larger Protein ecosystem that includes a brand consultancy, a workspace and event space in Shoreditch as well as part ownership of Grafik, RADAR and OAT. While there are obvious opportunities and resources available from the wider Protein ecosystem in terms of industry expertise, financial revenue and brand connections, the Protein Community will be empowered to help define a new relationship with the Protein ecosystem that is on their terms.

🖼 Our seasons

Seasons are a DAO primitive which allow communities to remain iterative and evolve as they go. For PRTN, our seasons mean we don’t have to solve everything all at once, but instead can set clear objectives which the Community can align on. Our first Season 1 will run for 2 months as we build the community’s rhythms, working groups and cadences.

💫 Goals


Including metrics, scoresheets and an impact report similar to Web 3 B-Corp to make us accountable


With examples, case studies, resources & community thought pieces around the topic of good growth