We are challenging everyone in the Burning Man ecosystem to find a way to Give Back to the Indigenous people of the Great Basin.

A Challenge for All Burners to Give Back


A new coalition of volunteers is challenging Burners to find a way to Give Back to the Indigenous people of Nevada, and forming a new Burners Without Borders project group called “The Great Give Back” (GGB).  This new working committee formed recently out of a coalition of theme camps and individuals with support from BWB, and is seeking volunteers at all levels to join their efforts to coordinate resources, money and time to address a variety of community needs at Pyramid Lake and other Nevada reservations.

Now recruiting team leaders for projects in: Native Elder House Repairs, Land Restoration, Education & Teaching, Computer Technology, Fundraising, and a Buy Native Campaign.

The central coordinating committee meets on Wednesdays (zoom) during the pre-Launch team building phase, preparing to make a wider announcement about the Great Give Back Challenge.  Get the zoom link on HIVE: https://hive.burningman.org/groups/5249725/events

Or on Facebook: https://fb.me/e/2EQxsbWsK

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Top 4 Great Give Back Project needs:

  1. Inspired Leaders to join the GGB Coordinating Committee to help mobilize Burners to volunteer for various service projects in key topic clusters (e.g., Lakeshore Cleanup, House Repairs, Tech Drive), with weekly meetings held on Wednesdays. (see HIVE for zoom link)
  2. Writers to help document Service Project plans + write volunteer role descriptions
  3. Experienced fundraisers to help build an in-kind sponsorship program asking individuals & tech companies to donate various devices to underserved Indigenous communities.
  4. Readers interested in the indigenous history of the Black Rock Desert region to join our new Whirling Sands Book Club, with weekly meetings held each Tuesday at 6pm PST. More info: https://fb.me/e/1LYWFlImV

Find out more about the GREAT GIVE BACK CHALLENGE on Burning Man’s new community learning web portal, THE HIVE (https://hive.burningman.org/groups/5249725/topics). We encourage you to register on Hive to get started with Giving Back.   For more information, you can email our team at GGB.backstage@gmail.com

Here are current volunteer opportunities:

We Burners, as a community, have the opportunity to apply the vast talents we bring to that thing in the desert towards areas that can make positive impacts on the local Paiute community. These are projects generated by members of the community, who are asking for Burners to give back.

In this case, it’s time to “Leave An Intentional Trace.”