📖 Brief History

DotMatrix was founded in Feb 2021 to bring together folks passionate about developing on Blockchain, with our partners we are growing rapidly each and every day!

👀 Overview

DotMatrix is a young company that is razor-focused on Parity Substrate 💪. We build products that make an impact on the masses leveraging Substrate's obvious benefits over other ecosystems.

We also passionately work on Polygon & Ethereum.

⚖️ Values

We deeply value independence, motivation, self-initiation, and learning. We don't care if you are just starting out, looking to change your career, etc. If you have the passion to learn in a limited amount of time, we'd be more than willing to talk to you and discuss options with you!

🧘 Culture

We are a small but geographically diverse company, which makes it even more important to be able to work asynchronously, hence:

  1. We don't like needless meetings and daily video calls. Rather we use GeekBot that asks you a couple of questions at 10 am in the morning your timezone (you can respond later as well) and posts it in a common team channel that helps everyone keep in sync with what everyone is doing.
  2. Once a week we have a team-wide call, where we chit chat, share what we have been doing in the past week, and basically interacting with the team. Bonus points if you love memes! we are looking for a meme lord for our #meme channel on slack. 😉
  3. Do you like to work in intervals? Sure! Do you like to work at night? Great! Most of us do! Do you like to work early morning? Sure! We don't like to enforce specific time slots, go with what works for you to get the job done!
  4. We want you to work on what YOU like, where YOUR interests lie, so if you feel like you want to contribute to another project that we are doing, feel free to let us know!
  5. Have a great idea that you think should be built? Come to us with the pitch, we'd be more than happy to build it, the idea initiator and the initial team get a good amount of equity in it! At DotMatrix the team is encouraged to ideate and build-out projects. Dotmatrix embraces entrepreneurship, innovation, growth, project equity, passion, and collaboration.

🏗️ Projects

Although we cannot give out a lot of details on the past projects we are currently building The First Cross-Chain NFT Toolkit

⚒️ What you can do?