NorthStar offers native integration to your Segment account. We collect all your Segment identifies, pages, screens, and track events to enable you to effectively run your growth hypothesis and validate your assumptions based on real data from your users.

Step 1: Add Segment Integration in your NorthStar account

In the NorthStar app, go to the Integrations Menu, find Segment and click the "Add" button.

Step 2: Generate your API Key

Now that you have added your Segment integration you will be redirected to the integration Settings. Click the "Generate API Key" button and copy your Segment API Key.

Step 3: Connect to NorthStar Destination in Segment

Head to and chose your source of data, paste your API key and choose the events that you want to track.

Now that you have successfully integrated both accounts (NorthStar <> Segment) we can go into what matters: growth! This is the kind of integration that allows you to automatically populate the results of your tests into your card. Once the test is completely, all the data will be available inside of your card and you can just conclude if the experiment Worked / Didn't Work / Inconclusive as well as share the lessons you've learned (Qualitative part);

Step 4: Add your events to an Idea Card (your test);

All of your cards will have a Segment integration available. Once the growth idea gets approved by your team and the time to actually run the experiment comes in place, you can:

  1. Click on Segment at the bottom of that card;