Connecting to your payroll provider directly

Causal connects to various payroll providers via Finch's API. This includes common providers like ADP Workforce Now, Bamboo HR, Gusto, Justworks etc. (See here for a full list - the 16 with Type marked as "API"). The ability to connect to your payroll provider is a premium data integration that is only available on a Causal Business plan.

<aside> ⚠️ Note: some payroll providers may create a third-party login/license when you connect via Finch.


How to connect to your payroll provider directly:

  1. Head to your Causal homepage (top left circle logo when you're logged in)
  2. Click Data
  3. Under New data source click Payroll provider
  4. Click Connect to Payroll provider
  5. Follow the steps with Finch and sign-in with your particular provider

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Connecting to your payroll data in a google sheet

If you can't connect directly to your payroll provider, the next best thing is to connect Causal up to a google sheet with your payroll information (where you push data to from your payroll provider, or where you keep your own running database). Here's how:

How to create a google sheet with your payroll information

  1. Create a google sheet with your relevant data (employees, titles, departments, start/end dates, salary). Here is a template on how you will want to set it up. More information on google sheet formats here.
  2. Similar to steps 2-4 above, head to your Causal homepage, click data, and under New data source click 'Google sheets'.