SnipNotes provides a versatile companion for Apple Watch, that allows you to view, edit, and search your notes. You can control which notes appear on your Apple Watch. Notes in your inbox are synchronized by default. You can enable synchronization for your own categories as follows:

<aside> 💡 SnipNotes must already be installed on your Apple Watch to use these settings.


Enable synchronization in the "Edit Category" dialog

If you want to enable synchronization for a single category:

  1. Tap on "Categories" in the upper left corner to reveal the category list.
  2. Swipe left on a category and tap "Edit".
  3. Turn on the switch named "Synchronize with Apple Watch?".
  4. Tap on "Save".

Enable synchronization in the settings menu

The settings menu allows you to enable or disable synchronization for multiple categories at once:

  1. Open the list of categories and tap the cogwheel icon to reveal the settings menu
  2. Scroll down to "Advanced Settings" and open the "Apple Watch" section.
  3. Tap on "Synchronize Categories".
  4. Enable all categories that you want to appear on your Apple Watch.