To learn more about Creator Coins and their originator,, I recommend visiting Rally's FAQ page. It goes much deeper into how it works. This page focuses on the applications of it using $CMO.

What's the $CMO coin?

It's the Marketing Coin housed on that is helping create an economy within Serial Marketers.

What is Rally?

It's a platform for hosting Creator Coins. Rally's coins are based on Ethereum and are traded on other exchanges. Creator coins' value are pegged to Rally's value. Again, read Rally's FAQ pages fore more.

Who's creating coins?

Generally, it's people with audiences and communities. Creators like Clubhouse moderators and Twitch streamers are common, but there are a number of business professionals too.

How can I use $CMO?

We'll share a mormal menu, but here are a few ideas:

Can I sell offerings with $CMO coins?

Absolutely. You can do this yourself already — just request, say, 10 $CMO, and then you'll mention someone on your podcast or in your newsletter. Or allow someone to book an hour of time with you for a certain amount of $CMO.

Is $CMO worth real money (fiat) (cash)?

Yes. $CMO is tied to Rally's coin which is built on Ethereum. It does have a dollar value that fluctuates constantly. Each Creator Coin has its own value.

Can I cash out?

Yes, you can. Rally will pay dividends to creators whose members currently hold a certain threshold of coins, so then all members benefit — yourself included. It is still very early, so there is some upside to holding. But you can convert $CMO to Rally tokens and cash out. Note there will be limits to how much you can cash out via certain methods, and there will be various fees depending on the method.

How are other community members using $CMO?

Leo Morejon created a site called Pitch Me where vendors can buy meeting time with him for a set fee.