<aside> 💡 DISCORD is an App for PC, Mac, Phones that is great for chatting with folks all at the same time. It's popular with the gaming crowd, but can be bothersome the first time. Here's some tips to getting started


1. Download Discord for your Mac or PC

<aside> 📲 Or... find it in the app store for iOS or Android


2. After downloading, install the app and either login or create an account.

<aside> 👉🏽 (there is also an official getting started guide)



Like most apps, you will need to verify your account by going to your email and clicking on a link or big purple button.



3. Follow the link someone gave you.

<aside> 💡 It might look like https://discord.gg/vjwdVVn


4. That should launch the app


5. Click the big "Continue to Discord" button.

Now you should be in the bar!

It's a good idea to check your audio.

There is a gear icon down at the bottom left of the screen.

<aside> 💡 Find the Gear Icon



6. Find "Voice & Video" and check out your setup


7. You can also check your video settings


8. If you are hearing an echo when talking check out this cool option