<aside> 💭 Our mission is to unite and support the members of the Asian-American community who feel that they don’t strongly identify or align with either their Asian or American culture.


Who Are We?

We are wasians, hapas, adoptees, children of Asian immigrants, students who feel in-between cultures, and students who feel strongly about their identity and want to help those in-between.

Our Goals

🌏 To provide an outlet for the “in-between” to openly explore their own and other Asian American cultures by connecting with other cultural groups on campus to facilitate the exploration of and integration of cultures.

🤝 To support the Asian American “in-between” community by sharing our stories, and bringing together students who all share a feeling of being in-between cultures and identities.

💝 To volunteer and provide service to 3rd party organizations that revolve around Asian American adoption, helping strengthen the mission of supporting those who feel “in-between."