Hi there. My name is Carlo and I like movies. I like them so much I started and contributed to several projects you can find listed below. The one that started it all was the Crud Buddies, a B-movie collective for people open to everything and everyone that started with a Discord I had set up to interact in a more direct, and focused way with other movie friends from across the globe.

After a couple years of organizing screenings and doing podcasts together, my buddy Dan and I started a Crud Buddies podcast, called *Cream of the Crud, *****over on the Notes from the Back Row feed. It’s a catch-all show about what we’ve been watching lately, movie news, and other tangents.

I am also a localizer in the publishing industry, and I’ve used this experience to self-publish a Crud Buddies zine, and an author-sanctioned English edition of Toyokazu Matsunaga’s PaperaQ, which is **free to sample via It is an unusual, but very rewarding manga to sink your teeth into.

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🎙️ Notes from the Back Row podcast

🤯 PaperaQ English edition

🤮 **Crud Buddies** B-movie collective

🌯 Compañeros Radio Network podcasts

🇯🇵 Japan Square film festival in Ghent

🔊 Podcasts

MM#138 Yeti: Giant of the 20th Century (1977) aka Squatchtober #3 - Movie Melt! Grindhouse and Exploitation Podcast

Cream of the Crud: Full Throttle

An Introduction to Hong Kong & Taiwan Cinema

Post-Anime Club: The Legend of the Stardust Brothers & Hausu

Ep# 17 - Hoser Horror: Science Crazed & The Pit

The Last Days of DVDisco (Feat. Bart D'Alauro of Bart & Greg's DVD Explosion)

🎤 Audio Commentaries

#9 - Thundering Mantis - Gold Ninja Video

#15: Blu-ray: Ninja Vortex - A Godfrey Ho and Friends Treasury - Gold Ninja Video

#27: Jackiesploitation - A Treasury of Jackie Chan Inspired Rip-Offs and Copy Cats - Gold Ninja Video

🖋️ Writing

On PaperaQ, a Webcomic by Toyokazu Matsunaga, Creator of Bakune Young - The Comics Journal