Small Victories takes the contents of a Dropbox folder (or folders) and turns it into a website. Those folders live in your Dropbox in a folder called Apps (Dropbox makes it automatically for connected apps). Each of those folders corresponds with a website (a Small Victory, if you will).

You can just drop things (images, text, videos, HTML snippets, website bookmarks) into a folder and have them render on the web. Here’s what one of my site folders looks like:


And here’s the website it makes, using the Slideshow theme:


There’s no CMS, uploading, publishing, servers, databases, code, or additional software required. If you have a Dropbox account (or want to make a free one), all you need is the Finder on your computer.


Sign up and we’ll send you a link in the coming days to get started. By the way, the sign-up page is built on Small Victories (of course). <br>

Other features

You can write your own JavaScript and CSS, connect a custom domain, and do all that good stuff. We’ll provide some guidance when we start letting people make sites.


How is it different from a CMS, Dropbox-based or otherwise?

Setting up, installing, building, uploading, publishing, coding, hosting, CMSes, logging in – those are all things I didn’t want to deal with when I imagined this product.

For some types of websites that process makes sense. But there are a lot of websites that: (1) you want to quickly get online to share with people; (2) fit nicely into a common pattern (“I need an email sign-up page”).

I wanted to be able to make lots of websites quickly. Not precious websites, big websites, or client websites; just useful websites that I could share with people immediately. <br>

Some opinions I have about managing, publishing, and hosting content