<aside> 💡 After your store on Picksell is launched you can generate unique QR-code for the store or any of your uploaded products/services. Place the code anywhere to sell more and attract new clients.



How to use QR-codes for promotion and sales grow

You can use Picksell QR codes to link smartphone users to your Picksell store or page of a product. All you need to do is to download Picksell QR-codes and place them where your customers are.



When used correctly, QR codes can be an effective marketing tool. There are a few tips you can follow to take maximum advantages from using QR-codes for promotion and sales boosting:

Choose a place which is convenient to scan a code from, it should be reachable for a user with smartphone. A code should be of appropriate size, note that larger is usually better. If it comes to placing into printed materials, make sure that a code is printed in a good quality. Try to avoid placing QR codes on highly reflective surfaces, as the glare can interfere with a code scan. Test each placing on your own before make it publicly available.

It should be clear for a user what page or offer he will see on the screen after scanning a code. Place a text or image description along with the code.

Descriptions you use along with a code, content of advertisements you place a code into should be relevant to a page / product the code forward to. For example, if you use a QR-code in a discount product promotion, the code should forward accurately to a page of this product, not on you store page.

Customers usually tend to ignore advertising unless it provokes their interest – therefore, it’s important to find exceptional ways to display codes and creative ways to attract attention to.

QR codes on buses and in trains, train stations, and airports are working as people often have a vast amount of downtime in such locations or while waiting in traffic. In shopping spots customers usually more loyal for advertisement and ready to accept and consider offers even made in modern forms.

What for to place QR-codes on products in your offline store? If customers are in your offline store it doest mean that they are ready to buy right now. Let them scan and save products they like in the Picksell shopping cart to continue shopping later from anywhere.

Offer discounts with a time limit or products with limited amount to motivate customers to scan a code and make an order.