Radar Proposal


Diamond DAO is building Chainverse to help builders, investors, and researchers navigate Web3 communities. Learn more about Chainverse here.

Diamond DAO began its partnership with Radar by building an interactive dashboard that showcases insights surfaced by Radar contributors.

Diamond DAO proposes a two month pilot partnership to develop Radar’s data engineering and data analytics capabilities.

RADAR is building a Futures Protocol to reward curators who identify emerging cultural trends and incubate products around those trends. Learn more about RADAR here and here

Proposal scope

Ingest Signals (production quality)

  1. Build pipeline to ingest signals shared in Radar’s Discord into a Radar-owned and controlled graph database.
  2. Implement interactive dashboards to track KPIs for the community as a whole and individual curators.
  3. Implement a graph-based search component for exploring the relationships between curators, signals, trends, and sources.

Automate collection from key sources (proof of concept)

  1. Create list of frequently media publications
  2. Automate ingest of new articles from specified media publications
  3. Store articles on the permaweb (Arweave)
  4. Experiment with ML techniques (i.e. NLP) to extract meaning from ingested articles
  5. Surface articles to Curators through an interactive dashboard for exploration and analysis

Diamond DAO contributors