Virtual hang #2: March 29th 10am PST/1pm EST/ 7pm CET

Thanks to those who came to the first reading group. For those curious, you can find the X/RG1 materials on symbiosis here.

Now we zoom out from micro to macro, exploring symbiotic culture through the lens of societal organisation.

'The philosophy of social ecology denies that there can be a complete separation - let alone a desirable opposition - between human and non-human evolution.

As naturalists, we respect the fact that human beings have evolved out of first or non-human nature as mammals and primates to form a new domain composed of mutable institutions, technologies, values, and forms of communication.

Social ecology recognises that we are both biological and social beings. Indeed, social ecologists go so far as to carefully analyse the important social history that has pitted humanity not only against itself but, very significantly, against non-human nature as well.'

-Murray Bookchin - 'Where I Stand Now', 1991, in 'Defending the Earth, a dialogue between Murray Bookchin and Dave Foreman'

In our second virtual reading group we will dive into the ideas of social theorist Murray Bookchin, whose writing spans five decades. We'll be acquainting ourselves with some of the more fundamental concepts of his extensive body of work, and will discuss how we might apply them to our own communities.