Plus plan subscribers can opt to enable SAML for their workspace.

Getting Started

We currently support most identity providers (Okta, OneLogin, LastPass, Auth0, Bitum, etc.) outside of Azure (Microsoft).* If you don't use SAML, the Plus plan also lets you remove the "login via email" authentication option so that users in your workspace must login with Google SSO.

Step 1: Upgrade to the Plus plan

Upgrade on the Plans page. If you're moving from an existing plan to the Plus plan, your current subscription will be canceled and a credit will be applied to the new Plus plan subscription.

You will receive an email with the instructions on how to set up SAML after subscribing. If you haven't received it within 24 hours, please reach out.

Step 2: Configure Linear in your identity provider

You'll update your Entity ID / Audience URL, Issuer ID, and Single Sign-On URL. We'll share specific, unique links to use in the email.

Step 3: Send us the following account information

Only after you've added Linear to your identity provider, please share the following information with us:

We'll set the following defaults when configuring your account. Please let us know if we should update them to something else.

Step 3: Coordinate a time to enable and test your SAML integration

We'll reach out once we've configured SAML so that we can coordinate a time when we'll enable the integration and give you a chance to test it to ensure it's configured correctly. You'll test it on your own and with another user who is not an admin.