What we do

We’re fixing one of the most broken and costly pieces of the US healthcare system: medical billing.

Today, healthcare providers spend over $250B each year on administrative overhead just to get paid by insurance. Medical billing is expensive because it’s nuanced and hard - maybe ~100x harder than credit card payment processing - and because it’s traditionally done by armies of humans who track and manage complex rules and processes specific to individual insurance companies with little or no supporting software.

We’re rethinking medical billing from the ground up, using data science and machine learning to automate much of this complexity, so healthcare providers can get paid dramatically more easily and inexpensively.

We recently finished the Y Combinator W20 batch and have since been funded by an incredible group of funds + angel investors. We have more customers begging to use our product than we have bandwidth to serve, which is why we need you to help us scale!

Our Values

We spend at least as much time with our coworkers as we do with our closest friends + family - if we intend to do the most important + challenging work of our lives, it’s important that these folks energize us, support us, inspire us, and push us to our best work. This is what you can expect of your teammates at Candid:

What you’ll be doing

Who you are