<aside> ☝🏼 While you read this article, please keep in mind that only people who are marked as responsible can manage solutions within an improvement.


The solutinos section of Improvements is where you capture the knowledge of what you or your team did in order to solve a root cause. This can for example a conveyor belt you replaced if the conveyor was faulty too often or something else.

Once you have defined the solutions that worked, then other memebers of your team or other factories from your company can come back here and learn about what you did.

Remeber that it's about capturing knowledge that your team can use so they wouldn't have to "invent the wheel" if they are experiencing a similar problem.

Adding solutions

  1. Open the detailed view of the improvement by clicking on the row in the overview table of improvements.

  2. Go to the Solutions tab


  3. Click on "Add solution" button and describe what the solution is that your team did.


  4. Define the date when you implemented the solution (or leave it undefined if you are going to do it in the future) and click on the "Add solution" button.

Editing and deleting solutions

  1. Go to the solution you want to edit or delete and the icons appear with hover.


  2. Click on the appropriate icon.

  3. After editing, confirm by clicking "Save". To delete, confirm by clicking "Confirm".

Reorder solutions

  1. Open the detailed view of the improvement

  2. Go to Solutions tab

  3. Drag the solution by the dotted icon