To enroll for our Training Bootcamps you need to follow the given simple steps :

  1. Fill the form attached here, it will hardly take 2 min!
  2. Our team will get in touch with you in the next 24 hours and add you to the relevant group.
  3. Now you can attend the free learning Phase!
  4. Once you like our Bootcamp you can Register for the paid project phase.

Price for the session:

  1. We have two Bootcamp classes free for you! All you need to do is register!

  2. Want to join our future Bootcamps?

    1. It costs only 300/- INR per Bootcamp
    2. If you want to subscribe for more Bootcamps, we also have a discounted package offer!
      1. 500/- INR for 2 Bootcamps!

    The payment details will be shared with you once you register!

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