You will find that innovating for integration is tough: it becomes very political very fast and the issue tends to be that laws are constraining or preventing empowerment of the very people you are trying to help.

As such, Techfugees recommends that you become knowledgeable in a human rights-based approach.

This is “a conceptual framework for the process of human development that is normatively based on international human rights standards and operationally directed to promoting and protecting human rights”.

Not only will it educate you to the heart of development problems and unveil the discriminatory practices and unjust distributions of power, it will help anchor your approach and tech solution to a system of rights and corresponding obligations established by international law, helping the sustainability of your work and empowering the vulnerable populations you help to participate in policy formulation.

Refugees are not the only ones involved in the inclusion process. Inclusion has challenges that displaced persons alone cannot face on their own, as laws and legislations may restrict their empowerment.

It is not enough to have technological expertise to help in this context. Rather, we must be aware of the legal environment, political agendas, decision makers and everything related. Therefore; Techfugees recommends us to be aware of the human rights based approach and know the context in which we operate in order to achieve the impact we aspire to.

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