Best Practices for System Performance

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This section discusses settings that can be tuned to optimize your IBM TRIRIGA environment.

7.1 System Properties

System properties can be used to tune performance in TRIRIGA. For more information on the system properties that can be configured, see the Installation and Implementation Guide (3.7.0).


Most system properties are maintained in the ****file and are available dynamically in the Administrator Console. For changes in the ****file to take effect, the application server must be restarted.

The variables and settings in TRIRIGA properties files may change from one version to the next. After completing an upgrade installation, carefully review each newly installed properties file and adjust values as appropriate for your implementation. Some key properties to consider in tuning your system are listed here with their recommended values for ideal performance. For key agent-related properties, see the following section 7.1.2 Agents.

The following key properties and values can be configured for your environment: