Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:


Time Duration Purpose Format Name
9:00 40 Activate Discussion Sketch Review
20 Engage Activity Code Comment Challenge
10 Study Lecture Immediate vs Retained Mode
20 Study Lecture PaperScript vs JavaScript
10 Break
10 Study Live-Code Q+A
60 Activate Activity Group Code Challenge
10 Study Lecture Next Week

Questions and Answers

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  1. Last semester, I could never figure out how to have a linebreak in Paper.js text preserved when I download as .svg and import elsewhere. I tried all the linebreak encodings I could think of and also messing with the svg directly. Any thoughts?

    hmm, without doing any looking into this at all... if the svg export is eating \\n newlines, i'd first open up the svg in an editor, and put one in manually and the open that in a vector program like illustrator. This step would determine if there is some limitation with svg or if it is a problem with paper's export. If the latter maybe you could try a unicode sequence?
    a super hack, but you could try putting in a custom control character like "^" exporting the svg, and then post processing to turn them into newlines.