Perception Travel TV is a place to discover the people, brands, and communities that share your values. Find yourself in the world you want to see!

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What is Perception Travel TV?

PTTV is an autonomous (self-hosted) video hosting platform comprised of a global community of supportive societies, collaborative creativity, and sustainable living. Groups and individuals alike can connect to share videos of how we are all changing the story of our time.


Our community's goals are to support a shifting of the collective focus from fear-based media programming to uplifting stories of cooperation, compassion and community!

I'm not a video editor or content creator--how can I participate?

You can upload your raw footage of inspiring moments and the community may turn it into something nice if asked nicely. You can also comment and engage throughout the various channels you'll find here.

Who runs PTTV?

PTTV has been bootstrapped by PRCPTION Travel, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation whose mission is to produce "smiling video" and build community using digital media. Perception Travel TV is community-driven and soon to be taken over by Pelenia DAO.

The Problems

The Solution

A large donation would enable us to become sustainable over the course of two years: