<aside> ➡️ When I started looking into storing digital information in DNA, I immediately thought of combining Python 🤩, data storage ℹ️ and cryptography 🔐



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Convert Text to a DNA Sequence with Python



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DNA information encoding


This is a Python implementation of one of the first scalable and reliable algorithm for DNA storage of information. The algorithm was created by Nick Goldman et al and published in Nature, where I got the necessary details for a full implementation. Let me know if you put your name inside a bacteria!

Many organizations are unenthusiastic to use cloud services due to data security issues as the data resides on the cloud services provider’s servers. To address this issue, there have been several approaches applied by various researchers worldwide to strengthen security of the stored data on cloud computing.The Bi-directional DNA Encryption Algorithm (BDEA)[1] is one such data security techniques. This repository provides the implementation of Bi-directional DNA Encryption Algorithm (BDEA).