Infrastructure engineering at Polarr focuses on empowering both the engineering team and the greater organization achieve higher engineering productivity through automation.

In this assignment you will be given a few tasks that require you to implement automated tasks through scripting. You can use any language of your choice and use any online resource to help you accomplish the task.

When you have completed the assignment, please name the file in accordance with this naming pattern: [YOUR FULL NAME]-Assignment for [NAME OF THE ROLE THE ASSIGNMENT IS FOR] and upload it to **this dropbox.**

Pick two (2) of the three (3) sections below to finish. However feel free to complete all 3. The sections require basic knowledge of command line, AWS, frontend programming, and using media libraries.

Section 1. Content generation.

Visit and observe that all demo videos follow a format of

  1. A still frame explaining the video content, date, platform used for the demo.
  2. An actual video.
  3. An ending frame for contact information.

The videos are created by a script in Polarr. Your goal is to create a similar script, using libraries of your choice. The script should take any .mp4 encoded input video, a title, a subtitle, a build number, and the device used; and then create a similar demo above at 1920 x 1080p resolution. Your script should take in arbitrary video dimension and fill out empty frames with black color.

Make sure your script also takes care of all dependency loading and building on the latest version of macOS or Windows.

Section 2. Static site generation.

Visit and observe all the help articles. All the articles are created as .md files shown below in a single level folder structure, and a script is used in Polarr to render the wiki site, where all special terms that reference a filename in the .md file will be linking to another file. (For example, any appearance of Polarr Photo Editor is linked to the article Polarr Photo Editor)

Use any libraries of your choice, create a script that generate the HTML page that mimics such behavior, and have a navigation panel similar to Polarr's wiki on the left hand side that reveals the file structure. You don't have to stylize the page or implement any additional features in Polarr's wiki.

Section 3. Automatic server deployment.