Here be freebies for zine making!

Firstly, here’s a zine I made about zines; what they are, a little about their history, how to make them, what to do with them, and where to find them. The content is taken directly from the Powerpoint slides I use in my zine workshops, along with some extras. It’s US-centric in its information, but I think people outside the US may still find it useful. Feel free to make copies and share, but make sure the credit to me and Creative Commons license info is present on the back page and don’t sell it for profit. If you use anything I wrote or drew in the zine, please credit me.

Instructions for printing: Print the zine double sided at 100%. Stack the pages with the page that has the cover on top. Cut down the center (horizontally) of the stack and put the lower stack under the upper stack. Staple at the center of the stack and fold the zine into a booklet.

Next, here’s a document of links I put together to direct people to QTPOC zines online: Quick QTPOC Zine Resources

Last for now is a printable template for a single sheet 8-page mini zine: