Organissimo is a store of healthy and natural food products, organic cosmetics and natural household products, the production of which is based on the principles and standards of organic production.

About the project

<aside> 💡 The main idea is to open a chain of health food stores throughout Russia and create an application for the delivery of certified organic products of Italian and Russian origin. The application integrates all organic farms and provides the ability to select products in one place with home delivery.


  1. This application is for those people who, first of all, have some kind of allergic reactions to foods, are on a specialized diet, suffer from intolerances, etc. and about those people who strives for a balanced diet.
  2. My role is UI / UX Designer. Further, I noted what responsibilities were assigned to me at the stages of project implementation.
  3. Time allotted for project implementation: 4 months.

Objectives of the project

The goals I have listed are very "basic", because as long as you study the specific project, it becomes obvious that each goal requires detailing. During my research, I'll back to the each of the goal to specify it.

The main problem

<aside> 💡 Farm products - quickly deteriorate and need certain conditions of storage and transportation. We decided to create a reliable delivery service that will allow you to purchase products in a convenient volume (Customer Quantity).


A project timeline