Here are many additional resources that didn't make it into The Embedded Entrepreneur.

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Table of Contents:

Facebook Guides

Neil Patel has a lot of insights into social media marketing. His blog post on Facebook contains many interesting community-centric tactics:

How to Get 200 Targeted Facebook Followers Per Day

Twitter Guides

The best place to start is Daniel Vassallo's guide to building a Twitter audience.

Everyone Can Build a Twitter Audience

Reddit Guides

The Ultimate Guide to Unbundling Reddit by Greg Isenberg provides a Reddit-specific walkthrough to get from Audience Discovery to building a business to solve a problem you found within a particular community.

The Ultimate Guide to Unbundling Reddit

Instagram Guides

An Intentional Approach To Social Mediaβ€” Deciding How, When, And Where To Post by Jason Zook focus on a methodical approach to building a following on Instagram.

Content Part 1: An Intentional Approach to Social Media- Deciding How, When, and Where To Post - Wandering Aimfully

LinkedIn Guides

Check out Jordan Nelson's first-hand LinkedIn influencer account:


Demand Curve provides several insightful guides, like this one:

In-depth LinkedIn organic marketing guide

General Social Media Guides

12 Universal Laws of Social Media Creation

Medium Guides

Tom Kuegler shares his experience building an audience and monetizing it on Medium.

Medium Mastery 2.0: Make Money On Medium; Build An Audience Of Thousands

Check out Nick Wignall's IndieHackers AMA as well:

I made $100K blogging on Medium last year and grew my mental health newsletter to 21,000 in 3 years AMA