As I have decided to change my font from Playfiar & Montserrat to some sort of typewriter font. I couldn't decide on what font I wanted to use so I decided to look at a few type specimen poster on different type writer fonts to see what I liked the most.

When I was looking at different posters I found 3 different fonts that I liked the look of they are American typewriter, Cutive Mono and Italian typewriter. I liked the look of these three the most and I think they will fit with what I am trying to show as my prototype is going to be in the style of a police file and typewriters where big in the victorian age so it also fits in with the old time style I am going for

The first type I came across was American Typewriter, I liked this one as it is clean and easy to read and is very simple and was made to represent what type looks like on old typewriters. I don't want to use one that is more fancier as I think it would take away from what I am trying to convey. I think this one would work very well with my design as it represents the style for the audience for which the design is intended. I also think this font has a good contrast from the other font that I am going to use.

The next font I looked at was ITC American Typewriter I choose this one as well as again it is easy to read and fits along with the narrative of my immersive prototype. I noticed from the two different types that the ITC one is more fancy that the normal American one it is also thinner.

The third typewriter font that I looked at was Cutive Mono. I liked this one as it is a newer take on the old style typewriter font. Like the other two it is clear and legible so user will be able to understand what each letter is and not have to spend extra time trying to make out what letter is what. I think this one is simpler and not as fancy as the others and will not strain the reader as much when reading it. and when I tested it out I found that it works well in different sizes, weights and in upper and lower case. I also think that this font contrasts well with the other font that I am going to use as they are different.

The final typewriter font that I found was Italian typewriter that is based off old Italian typewriters of the 30s and 40s. It is a monospaced font that has an old fashioned look. The font has good legibility and even tho it is a fancier font that the others it is still clear and easy to read and it works well in different sizes. This would be a good Font to use for titles as it is more decorative than the others.

After looking at the different fonts I have decided I am going to use Cutive with my immersive prototype and my website. As i think it is the nicest looking font of them all and as it is a newer take on typewriter font it will help show the theme I am going for in my work. I also choose this one as it is clear and easy to read and will not strain the users eyes when reading it.