The foundation of every DeFi project is it’s community. Users enable DeFi protocols by interacting with them, builders help the traditionally small core teams in creating tools and features, while enthusiasts and volunteers help grow the communities. Uniswap has been fortunate to become one of the core building blocks in DeFi through this passionate community of users, builders and enthusiasts.

When we talk about the Uniswap community, it's hard to ignore the groundswell of projects, contributors, and volunteers dedicating countless hours to advance the ecosystem. This level of momentum was not easily achieved and UGP recognizes that it exists due in large part to the support of the community's excitement. As the protocol expands, it is of utmost important to keep Uniswap inclusive and accessible to newcomers. In furthering this ethos, UGP is excited to announce the UniCode Hackathon in collaboration with ETHGlobal for all Uniswap builders, from beginners to core devs!

Illuminate the Communities

A grassroots community composed of over 620k Twitter followers and 86k Discord members does not even begin to tell the story behind the scenes. UniCode is an opportunity to bring these numbers to life by highlighting a variety of composable projects and bringing new projects into the fold. It is a platform for sharing innovative ideas, collaborations, and solutions to the known challenges in this space.

As a participant you can expect to:

Most importantly, UniCode is an opportunity for the many passionate community members to more cohesively come together and form genuine connections with each other. Coding behind a screen with only anon handles can only go so far, so to finally have a shared safe space to spread your knowledge, find or become mentors, and in general become each other's support network is invaluable.

UniCode Hackathon

The strength of the Uniswap protocol comes from the many builders and multipliers who represent it. To access these resources has always been possible, through many of the ETHGlobal hackathons UGP has sponsored. But for the first time ever at UniCode, we take the next step in working with community members and the ETHGlobal team to bring a more dedicated experience to you, the stars in the Uniswap constellation!

Apply today for the UniCode Virtual Hackathon happening anywhere from October 29th to November 10th!