I grew up in a small village in the French Alps, surrounded by nature, perspective, and calm. I fell into technology early, coded websites, started a web radio, joined Google at 20, and built several tech companies.

Throughout this time, I've been searching for balance between a need to connect - to learn, share, grow, create in new ways - and a need to disconnect - to walk in nature, read, play guitar, laugh with friends or be present with family.

In 2020, I founded Opal to help others like myself achieve balance (its helps that I'm a Libra ⚖️).

Opal is the #1 screen time app. Join 100,000+ people who use Opal’s friendly assistant to protect their time and focus. Schedule your days, block thousands of distracting apps and websites, analyze your screen time, set intentions, connect your calendar, and more.

We're a growing team and our mission matters, so please consider joining us.

Prior to Opal, I learned and grew in a number of ways as a product manager, founder and human:

I (still) love to follow and support emerging visual artists because I think they are one of the greatest sources of inspiration today. I was named in the Art+Auction Magazine's Power 100 List in recognition of my contribution to innovation in the global art market through ArtList.

I received my master’s degree in finance and strategy and a BA in Political Science from Sciences Po Paris. I spent the rest of my life learning to think like an engineer.

My wife Alexi Jenis-Schlenker, our son Micah currently share our time between Paris and NYC, with frequent visits to the Alps and LA.

Below are a few more specifics and illustrations from my experience.

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