Boot will create a centralized solution where:

  1. A web 2.0 deamon reads the state (total balance all LPs on each chain) from N EVM chains.
  2. A time-weighted average is created for each chain total balance.
  3. A GET endpoint is provided that returns the time-weighted balances computed for N chain.
  4. Boot dApp smart contract reads these time-weighted balances fom the GET endpoints. Either directly, or via ChainLinks Any API.
  5. smart contract will have the option to read these data from another contract (input variable), so we can switch to a decentralized solution when available.

Cross-chain Boot token Distribution/Emisssion

Once the balance of various chains are gathered on the ETH mainnet , Boot smart contract will use its logic to decide the weight of each chain. Based on these weights, a certain number of tokens is bridged to each chain (maybe piggy-backing on user’s transactions).

On each other chain, the smart contract distributes the total amount of boot tokens it has (send by the contract on the main chain) to its LPs according to their balances in a period of time (e.g. 2 weeks). This way no further communication is necessary between the chains.