Beginning June 22, 2021, Deliverr will charge processing fees for Forwarding Plans. Even with these charges, Deliverr's goal is for the cost for Forwarding to be cheaper than the cost of shipping directly to 4 to 10 Deliverr locations. Charges will appear on the first invoice after your forwarding plan arrives at the forwarding facility.


  1. How do I see forwarding fees? When you create a shipping plan, you must choose between a Direct Plan and a Forwarding Plan. On this 'choice page', you will see an estimated total cost for each plan type. For direct plans, there are no forwarding processing fees, so the total cost estimate is Deliverr's best guess at the total carrier cost for you to ship to Deliverr. For forwarding plans, the total estimated cost has 2 components: 1) Deliverr's estimate at the total carrier cost for you to ship to Deliverr and 2) the estimated processing fees for forwarding. You may or may not see a discount applied to forwarding fees.

  2. What if I created a forwarding plan prior to June 22, 2021 but my shipment arrives after June 22, 2021? You will not be charged for forwarding fees. Only plans created after June 22, 2021 will be charged forwarding processing fees.

  3. How is the Forwarding fee calculated? Deliverr calculates the fee based upon many variables including, current freight costs, capacity in our forwarding facilities, size and weights of units, among other things. While the cost may differ from one shipping plan to another, Deliverr's goal is for the total cost to be less than the total cost for you to ship directly to fulfillment centers.