Interviews are a crucial part of landing a design role. There are several types: phone interview, in-person interview, panel, whiteboard challenge, critique... the list goes on. The best way to be prepared for these is to practice!

When you're starting to prep for interviews, it's important to think about what it is about you that you want to convey to the interviewer(s). Are you collaborative? Excited to learn? Thoughtful? Let employers know what your strengths are.

📖 Storytelling as a tool

When you're thinking about how to answer questions in interviews, it's helpful to think about stories. If you come up with 4-5 stories about you and your experience, you'll most likely be able to recycle these to answer the bulk of behavioral questions.

🤔 "How" vs. "why"?

When interviewers ask you "how" you do something, it's helpful to reframe the question to "why" you do something. For example: "How do you communicate with your stakeholders?"

Answering with "how":

"I set up daily standups and send prototypes frequently."

Answering with "how" and "why":

"I set up daily standups to make sure that we're always aligned on design direction and to create an opportunity for us to chat every day about any concerns or issues that might arise. I also send prototypes as often as I can when making design updates because in my experience, stakeholders understand concepts more clearly when they interact with them hands-on."

💎 Clear examples

Providing clear examples of what you're talking about makes your story much easier to understand. For example: "What can you bring to the table right away?"

Without an example:

"I'm highly collaborative and can contribute to any projects that are currently in the works."