We're a software company building a new and better payroll experience for companies and their employees. Our goal is to make payroll more efficient and automated for companies, and more flexible and transparent for employees. We're an international team with an office in London, and remote employees in 15 different countries.


By the way, we're hiring! 🙋🏽‍♀️

Finally, a modern alternative to payroll outsourcing

Many companies still rely on spreadsheets, emails, manual bank transfers, and a very manual workflow to run payroll. This makes the monthly task of running payroll very tiresome, and it often ends up causing mistakes that have to be fixed post payroll. All in all, a very old-school and clunky process.

We're changing that! 🎉

With Pento, companies can automate their full payroll process from A to Z. We've made it extremely easy and efficient to run payroll - even for big companies with hundreds of employees. We combine a great user experience with underlying automation of everything from tax reporting, to payments, to payslip generation. Most of our customers cut 50-80% of the time they previously spent on payroll, and they now have a much easier process with fewer errors.


Want to dig deeper?

You can read more about Pento and the product at our website, or you can reach out to us - we're happy to help or just chat about payroll!