Notation Moonlight is an 8-week program run by Notation for future founders - talented engineers, product people, and builders - who are thinking about starting a company one day but haven’t yet gotten started. Perhaps you're already working on a specific project during off-hours, or still looking for co-founders, or haven't even yet settled on an idea, but you dream of leaving the 9-5 and building something of your own. Notation Moonlight is a world-class community, network, and set of resources right here in NYC. You can check out the tentative syllabus below, as well as some of the confirmed speakers and participants.

The purpose of the program is to identify, encourage, and partner with future founders in NYC to help them better prepare for the journey of starting a company. Notation Moonlight is completely free, we don’t take equity — we think it's our responsibility to help level the playing field for the next generation of founders.

What we are not: This not an accelerator; we don't plan to host demo days, and we don't take equity (or money!) in exchange for participation. Our only hope is that everyone who participates in our experiment over the course of eight weeks will (1) gain more insight into the path towards becoming a founder and building a company from the ground up and (2) access to a new community and network of other future founders, as well as founders and VCs that have done it already.

Application - Deadline August 28 ➡️ Click here to apply!