On an infinite board, if you discuss it with only a video call, wouldn't it be frustrating because you don't know exactly where the other person is looking at?

Don't worry, Observe mode is prepared!

It allows you to see what the other person is looking at.

Even if someone you're observing move to move to another part, you can follow it.

How can I start Observing mode?

From the user list, find the person you want to follow and click on it to get started!

How am I supposed to find the first letter?

Hover over the attendee list to view the full name in the tooltip. 🙂


How can I know that I'm in observing mode?

The outline is drawn throughout the screen in the color of the user currently in Observation.

You can also see the user's name in the lower left corner of the screen.

☝️ The moment you manipulate the screen, such as moving viewpoints or adjusting Zoom scale,

✌️ The moment when certain items are moved, resized, etc.

🤟 The moment you activate the tool and create a new item

The Observe mode is automatically shut down.