About us

Moutar provides a planet-friendly platform for modern brands and local shops. Enabling local (coffee) shops to source sustainable products, leveraging community engagement.

We are working to accelerate the increased usage of planet-friendly products by making it more accessible and affordable for the mainstream.

You will join us in setting up a purpose-driven network in order to influence the world's supply to shift into a sustainable model. We have a climate friendly foundation which is inherently tied to our platform.

Open Positions



Life at Moutar

Autonomy — we lead ourselves through vision and empowerment, instead of giving detailed instructions. Source information you need, have the authority to take action and figure out the implementation details.

Learning mastery — be an inspiring craftsperson; the role model; a person other teammates aspire to become. Every day, learn to listen, learn to explain, come prepared, open up, build relationships. Learn fast from everything you do. Curiosity creates new opportunities, new relationships, new environments, which breeds new ideas and brings new perspectives.

Full-cycle teams — eliminate cross-team dependencies. Where a team is responsible for the full software life cycle: analysis, design, development, testing, deployment, ops, and support.

Purpose — we aren't just building products, but creating progress for people in their complex lives. Articulating and translating emotions in order to bring happiness and positivity.

About our beliefs: