Spill’s mental health support is available to everyone at Pento — but if you’re a manager, there are some extra Spill tools that might be especially useful for you and your team.

We want to help break the silence on mental health and as a manager, you will play an important role in helping others manage their mental health at work.

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Where Can I Find Manager Tools?

Manager Tools Available

Feelings Checkin (1:1s)

We have a lot of check-ins with our teams, but they’re often very focused on work progress. With limited time available and the conversation often shifting quickly to a work-focused agenda, it can be hard to get a real sense of how someone is feeling and how their health is at the moment. Spill’s feelings checkin helps you to get to the heart of matters quickly and connect at a deeper level.

The feelings checkin (via Slack and integrated into your 1:1 calendar invite) prompts a series of questions about how your report is feeling; what's taking up their headspace, and whether there's anything you can help each other with.

Ask A Therapist

Want some anonymous guidance on how to handle a people problem? Maybe you’re worried about someone on your team, or you’re not sure how to handle a colleague’s difficult behaviour (remember, you can seek support for you, not only your reports). Send one of Spill’s qualified therapists a note and you’ll receive a thoughtful reply within two UK working days.

🔐 Your message and the response are both completely confidential and aren’t stored anywhere on your Slack.