As part of our commitment to the ecosystem, we will publish occasional blog posts to ensure we are held accountable and most importantly, to empower the community in being a constant source of feedback in the development of the UNI Grants Program.

Now that the Uniswap Grants Program has successfully passed through governance and the funds have moved to the committee multisig, UGP goes full steam ahead in accepting applications for Wave 1 of funding (link here)! Note that while the deadline for Wave 1 ends on Feb 28th, the application will continue to remain open with submissions rolling over to the following waves.

Funding Priorities:

The UNI community is at the heart of everything we do and it is thanks to you all that we have gotten this far. Although UGP is still in early stages, our goal is to ensure sustainable growth for the passionate ecosystem that has dedicated so much time and effort in growing the protocol.

Our mission is to continue cultivating this enthusiasm and talent, so to start, UGP seeks to support focused areas accomplishing the following:

Support is available for both individuals and teams attempting to provide innovative solutions, tackling problems, or contributing to existing tools for the three focused areas above.

Over the next few months, UGP will expand its scope to include more generalized funding opportunities and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the ecosystem. However, even if your project does not fall within the scope of our current funding goals, we encourage you to engage with us anyway to help inform the evolution of greater priorities.

Next Steps:

Uniswap itself was born from grant funding and we can feel the excitement pulsating throughout the community. We will continue working hard to improve our program and grow the mission of UGP as best we can to serve the ecosystem and its contributors.

Apply now and spread the word - UGP is here to support you!

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