Here's a great video to get a first impression of what life in Bansko is like in summer. (Click on the link in the caption to watch the video.)

Summers in Bansko are amazing and there is so much to do in the mountains and valleys around town that even a year wouldn’t be enough to explore it all. Located at 1000m altitude at the base of Pirin National Park, Bansko is the starting point for exploring the park and the surrounding mountains, craggy peaks, meadows, and high alpine lakes.


There are many pools in and around Bansko. Here is a list of the most popular ones:

Cold Dip

Take a cold dip to fresh yourself after a hike or bike ride. A perfect spot is the Infinity Pool.

The water temperature is about 11° in summer. But don't let that deter you! You can enter the pool at your own pace. And afterwards you'll feel terrifc!

The Inifinity Pool can be reached with a 10-15min walk up the mountain from the gondola station.


Hiking in the mountains around Bansko is the most popular and easily accessible summer activity in the region. Vihren and Bezbog Peaks and the lakes around Vihren Hut are all very popular trails and can get quite busy with Bulgarian and international tourists in summer. You can find more information about the routes, levels, and what to expect here. Do not forget Pirin National Park is a high alpine zone and the weather can be quite unpredictable. Summiting the peaks is considered advanced terrain so perhaps check your abilities with an easier hike before heading straight up. Mihail is a private mtn guide if you like to go with someone who knows the routes.